Lil Boosie ft. Lola Monroe – Green Light Special [Exclusive Music Video]

As many of you know Torence Hatch AKA Lil Boosie has been indicted on First Degree Murder charges in the state of Louisiana. This charge carries a maximum sentence of the death penalty, and the prosecutor has boasted of this as a death penalty case. Lil’ Boosie has made some disparaging remarks in some of his raps regarding the District Attorney and Police and they now have a vendetta against him. There is no hard evidence in this case so please help Lil Boosie get a fair trail. Visit to learn how you can help.​boosiejustice

Directed by Motion Family​motionfamily

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25 thoughts on “Lil Boosie ft. Lola Monroe – Green Light Special [Exclusive Music Video]

  1. Keep your head up and stay down with self GOD wilk c u out of all things in life I here your name in all da real niggas songs in da game we miss and love u out here….We at da end now home will be soon. And when u touch down u hit dat mic u will touch down and give dem hell. Free boosie.


  3. Boosie… i doubt theres anyway u can read this from ur solitary cell.. only coming out for an hr to shower n phone home… but as a real fan of ur music n of u as a person i feel i need to express my opinon on ur situation (respectfully)… ive done a bit of research looking up videos n court information related to your case… the average person doesnt realize what was going on in baton rouge at the time… wild young men running around with guns drugs… looking back at some of your past interiviews n also using the Thuggin n Lovin it DVD as a reference… u could sense the hostility in the streets at the time… i saw atleast 8 – 10 guys attempted to provoke u… shooting guns in the air… tough talk threats… provocation in its purest form… every interview u made around that time u showed restraint n poise in the midst of a hostile environment… while ppl were trying to provoke a confrontation n assassinate your character you were busy with your career and at the sametime giving back thru various charitable acts to the impoverished and long forgottten communities from which u came… some ppl want to drag your music into this ordeal… i see it like this when it comes to your music… gangster rap was around way before you ever picked up a mic n will be there long after u hang it up… its entertainment.. slick talk… bravado.. an action movie coming thru your speakers…. u didnt only make “tough talk” records u also made songs in which u tried to reach some of these out of control youth… songs like “chill out” in which u reached out to these young men who had no one else in their ear with some sense are put aside and the “slick talk” tracks are brought to the fore front in an attempt to paint the most negative picture of you…. Boosie i pray for u… i hope you and your family come out of this stronger and closer together… MUCH LOVE Calvin Hood, Arizona

    • free boosie bitch yall mfs wannna give a nigga the max for sumthing he aint do yall mfs now ats goes on in the hood mfs mad cause he hood rich u niggas that be snitching i hope all yall mfs die slow

  4. Lil Boosie a real cat dat speak from da heart and from his knowledge and views of the streets. Freedom of speach is an amendment.` He has a right to excercise that . His lyrics shouldnt be used against him by no meens . I just want to say Boosie hold ya head me n my fam go keep you in prayers n hope dat you have a fair trial !!!!!!!! Free Boosie

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