Boosie writes wayward fan from prison

Torence Hatch aka Lil Boosie responds to a fan being locked up. The video, shown on Worldstar Hip Hop.

Lil Boosie’s letter to “Alex” and others…

Boosie writes Alex and other misguided fans

" can be better than me!"

Torence Hatch is locked up in Angola Louisiana State Prison. He has served his two year sentence for a third offense marijuana possession charge and a felony possession of a firearm with marijuana for which he plead guilty. Lil Boosie is also indicted on a 1st degree murder charge. He is falsely accused, by the admitted killer and an angry Baton Rouge District Attorney, of paying somebody to pay somebody to pay the killer. is raising awareness to this injustice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Selling tee shirts, hoodies and music at in hopes to raise half of the estimated $250,000 attorney’s fees to defend Torence Hatch / Lil Boosie.

150 thoughts on “Boosie writes wayward fan from prison

  1. i just want to say , you the man i respect you for every song you make i am puerto rican , justie ?? they are not justie the man the make the justies but is one god he can see everything you are the best of the best no body is perfect this is the life god bless you my friend !!!! free boosie !!

  2. Boosie will be free…you cant hold a real ass nigga like boosie for ever. Keep your head my dude we got you covered from the 254 all the way to the 502…TRILL FAM………AND FOR YOU SUCKERS WHO DON’T KNOW (254) WACO, TEXAS–TO THE (502) LOUISVILLE, KY

  3. say lil boosie i wish i could meet you i got a mind of a mainiac but thats only win i rap i ant you to try to see me rap one tim and i will try and do good HOLD IT DOWN FREE LIL BOOSIE

  4. Lil boosie you a beast man I want to be a rapper just like you make a bunch of money I mean big have a about 30 cars lol but man I wish I could meat you in person text or call me (254) 421-7264

  5. Free the big homie shit sad boosie i listen to you word for word from boosie 1 till now since you been gone the music game has been trash webbie throwed off one thing bout it i knew u was cominh home from day one savannah love you like camoflauge n Bugga see you when u touch best belive yo first trip to ga better be savannah cccccport love ya my nigga cant wait

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