Lil Boosie’s Attorney will speak to press SOON.

Update 9/10/11 – press conference rescheduled

The Regan law firm joined Lil Boosie’s defense team two months ago adding to Jason Williams team to defend Torence Hatch. Martin Regan will hold a press conference to address the unjust murder charge facing Lil Boosie. The meeting will be held at the courthouse in Baton Rouge around 1PM CST.

The total injustice surrounding this case will start to unfold. Torence Hatch appreciates all of his supporters who have stood by him and his innocence. Stay informed at @boosiejustice on twitter.

118 thoughts on “Lil Boosie’s Attorney will speak to press SOON.

  1. free boosie some one need to speak some knowledge to dis peaple nd not omly dat dis man worked hard to get were he at rt….nd i think its unfair to his kids …so juz keep ya head up mane yull get though it long az yu keep god first sincerly…boosie fan

  2. May GOD be da KING of all ur PEACE n FAITH dats all dat matters n da end NOONE can judge u but GOD always remember dis n know dat I’m prayin $ u n ur family n CHILDREN. Keep ur head up n stay PRAYIN.

    • Free my Nigga LiL Boosie my nigga didnt do shit my nigga innocent Kant wait til my Nigga touch down and cause Hell!!! Keep ya Head held high dont let dem crackers bring u down!!! much love no homo!!

  3. u go girl u trully no the meanin of our fayher god. im the auntie of martin lee anderson. and it isnt riye the way the handle our young men but god of has the last say so god bless hjs mom family and friend in jesus name he wii be free its done in jesus name keep ihe faith i will.

    • and if u dont know who martin lee anderson was was killed in the florida bootcamp after 2 hrs.ay 14 years old do not let boosie be tried there he wont get a fair trial i know trust me they had martins death on video god bless.

  4. Free lil boosie dats real ima real boosie fan but i jus wanna tell boosie wats up and tell him i wanna make it happen on dis rap shit i fuck with boosie 100 believe dat and every chance I get I’m still sayn fuck Da police…

  5. free b o o s i e ms connie u doin so good if was in dat situation my mama would do tha same cuz like boosie say mama kno love i can believe webbie aint helpin shid i aint boosie but da kind hurt me cuz wit out boosie it wouldnt be no webbie trill ent boosie was the 1 dat get yall in im talkin real shit just like da bulls fell of wen jordan retired dat year trill aint shit wit out mr southside 4 up fa my nigga free boosie fuck a free boosie foxx song help dat man mama she shouldnt have to call and ask yall for shit man i hope yall niggas sick to da word trill and hold boosie done

  6. Mane free my muthafukin dawg hell its already a drought on real niggaz out cha as it is dem bitches got dude str8 josted out on da strenght of a ol scary azz bitch made azz lil boy who dnt wanna take his lick! Mane I’m prayin 4 u son da streetz n yo family n fans need ya round jus take it one at a time u cummin home luv I jus touchdown too god gon make a way!

    • Lil Bro. you gone be alright they are not Fightin with you, they are Playin , the way i see it is lil bro. they got caught an its a rotten thing to do now they are being Whatch closely ,it just cant go down like that,also the Credability of there star witness has vanquish,so Bossie you must walk by faith an not by sight,hold on an hold out. By the way Boosie i love all your music thats why im wratched peace stay up GOD DONE TOOK CARE OF MANNNNNNNN !! !! AINT THAT HOW YOU SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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