ATLANTA, GA (MMD Newswire) – - In a recent episode of A&E’s Beyond Scared straight a boy named Alex angered the people that were trying to motivate him when he made the comment that he wanted to turn out like his role model Lil Boosie. Boosie learned of this while in prison and decided to take action. In this video you will see Boosie’s first cousin and fellow performer Donkey read the letter that Boosie wrote to Alex and other fans that see him as a role model. Donkey then goes on to speak to Alex about his goals and his future:

This link takes you to the scanned original letter from Boosie: http://boosiejustice.com/2011/09/03/boosie-writes-wayward-fan-prison/

Update: As of September 13, 2011- Alex’s mother said that since her son spoke to Donkey she has noticed positive changes in Alex. He is staying out of trouble, which had been a daily occurrence prior to the conversation. She also noted that his overall demeanor is more positive and goal oriented. This initiative and intervention is part of U Hatin? University’s Truth Campaign where rap artists explain the difference between the messages in their music and the messages that these recording artists give their own kids and other children. The Chairman of the Campaign Lance Silver explained, “When music is created it is designed to entertain and to sell and the artist themselves never really intend on people taking it (the lyrics or stories) literally. The U Hatin?® Campaign’s goal is for more role models like Boosie to take the time to personally reach out to kids who might emulate and admire these rappers and their lyrics and to use their influence to change their destiny for the better!”

The University plans to continue working with Alex on a daily/weekly basis as needed. Alex is expected to become a future leader in the organization and help other kids, like him self, develop a positive focus in life.


  1. It really seem 2 me in most of all tha song boosie write he talk directly to me we get real in real crazy sometime like I’m sapose 2 fall in his footsteps

  2. dang mann ; i feel lyke yu kno how i feel lyke we grew up in da hood togther..everythang yu be sayin in yur music i be lyke hell DEVIL,&&imiss yu ,they dykin ..etc thats all i fqks wit is boosie .. mann jus keep yur head everythang gon be gravy homie mann .. shid this showd me something these nigga flaw dawg ,but wat comes around goes around they got it comingg.. RNS .. FREE BOOSIE BOO !!!

  3. UR IN MY PRAYERs/I WILL SUPPORT U IN ANYWAY I CAN/I POSTED THE PETITION LINK 2MY FB. SO I PRAY U GET WHAT U NEED/I LOVE U BOOSIE SEE YOU SOON<3 ps. my boosie tshirt gon go HARD at the JeezyConcert next weekend.."Know im prayin for u dawg keep ya head up"- Gotti..I only listen to real rappers and after reading the webpage I c real reconize real I LOVE BOOSIE 4EVER and when u come do ur 1st show in STL imma b there standing 4'11 front and center

    • OhYea! I will def. send the pics i take at the concert w/my Bz&4z up, cause I got Love 4 u and I care bruh, and send them off to u with a blated birthday card

  4. I love the way Boosie looks out for the youth. I pray for him all the time. I will support this man in anyway I can. Everysince u went away Ive been waiting on u to come back and satisfy me, ur fan, with ur real to life lyrics. JUST KNOW IM PRAYIN 4U DAWG KEEP YA HEAD UP-Gotti. I Just left Gotti Album release last week now im goin to Jamm w/ Jezzy this week. Imma support thoes who I KNOW is supporting u. I actually quit watching BET on the strength of on the awards i believe 09 or sumthn but watever year it was NOBODY SAID FREE BOOSIE. U had a documentry made b4 u went in…BET Didnt air it and i was upset. But im following your throughout this process and when u come home and Stop in STL u will see me standing 4’11 FronT and Center I LOVE BOSSIE#FREETHEREALIESTRAPPERSINCEPAC<3

  5. Trill talk free ma dawg boosie I don’t fuck like deez pussy ass Raper dat set up here an rap about cars in ice without really haveing or had it ya dig sum niggaz iz really hoe made an itZ suckin.dat ya’ll government pussy takein away Wat lil freedom we have by incarcerating are bother like dis mothfuckz act like we ani got freedom of speech in shit in if boosie in thair fo thugin rap’s u tryna relate 2 his life u needa take dem demon sing rock mother fuckahs 2 jail 2 nigga we kan bump real nigga shit but dat rock shit makez cereal killers Wtf now n all of dem iz bad but most are period. I miss ma grind music ma trillion niggaz shit boosie go hard nigga. Undeniable talent ya dig bring em Home. We miss em shit in if y’all dont I do fo up fo down ™104 whoop whoop dawg we out cha fo ya g ima dedicate ma 1st mix tape 2 ya dawg hold ya head g stay up

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  7. Keep ya head up boosie im showin u love in omaha nebraska its only real dnt let tha time kill u bro u kill that time man!

  8. lil boosie is a good guy,i can relate to some of his lyrics like rags to riches but when he explain about violence his talking about how the world is really is today,you have to respect Mr.Hatch that he tells the truth the way it should be told,for extinse you saw that he turned that lil kid alex around in got him on a straight good road which is good,you cant take torrance away he motivates us young people today in a positive good way,he lifts some up when feeling down,he wake up lost souls in let them relize this is life in you have to gring in strive hard for your goals and dreams ,its hard but he teaches them to stay strong no matter what you been through,bad or down to your last you still can make it to the top.look at him his a living example for us all generation today to make it,i thank donkey for contacting the kid alex in playing a part in also webbie for holding lil boosie down in always shouting out his name not just in his new album or interviews but every day he wake up to see anothere day,they cant hold you down for every boosie real recognize real my dude you will be back home,your in my prayers your family as well,”your quote god sont you here to get it on ” and when you get out thats all goin come to the light in show your true talent your good at what you do 100,god bless you !

  9. You know how many kids look up to Boosie as a role model? The crime rate has went up because kids is getting the wrong message, in Boosie songs i here the lesson he trying to teach. Its not about killing he talking about how he got from rags to riches. If Boosie could write letters to kids all across America that think being like lil Boosie is killing and stealing, he could change a lot of wrong shit that’s going on. Boosie he got a lot of power over hoods, niggas who slangin, and etc. If he start doing right everybody else just gone play follow the leader

  10. Man free boosie ma life hard as a bitch wit out I ma nigga….they gotta a nigga like woohh main this court shit done got otta controll main I cant sleep mainn u should of never made fuck the police main…freeee boosie only if they knew u so powerful u can stop alot of young black niggas from killn…. 4143912877

  11. Boosie Hold ya head homie just keep taking it a day at a time man hopefully these people who are dirtying up yo name will not be a factor in all your cases kepp pumpin dat iron and come home healthy and ready to shine on tha mike and take care of your family your music has always been an inspiration and will continue to be

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