104 thoughts on “ONWAX Magazine: Lil’ Boosie’s lawyer: Rapper very upbeat

  1. I been following da Boosie trial from day one.and I disagree with this whole theory.Boosie know what his people want to hear.its crazy how they are using his music to convict him.I dont see them convicting white people off of the movie Blow,are Gotti Boosie you and your family are in my prayers

  2. Wat up i just want to wish the best to lil boosie and his family and i hope that he is doing good cuz man im trying to change but sometimes it be hard in these streets cuz when i put my mind to something somebody always try to make me go backwards some of these kid these take your lyrics the wrong way but i see wat your are say you just telling everybody that no matter where you come from or how bad your life is you stills can make it in life even though i be making the wrong thing sometimes i be wanting to do right but man its hard and its hard because when you do wrong people treat you wrong its makes me want to go crazy but man i just want you to reach out to me so we can talk bor i just be needing somebody to talk to .

  3. stay up bossie b realest nigga in it all ways down wit your sounds da real shit you put out lock it down keep your head 100 to the bone

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