24 thoughts on “Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie

  1. Bigg fan since 94 love yu mor den words ….god bless. Yu n yr fam. N not prayin cuz I’m hate’n jus hope wen yu do touch dwn yu keep dis dirty muthfuqkaz of yr face n life stay sweet n kno yr loved by millions ………for ever yrz jay

  2. Bra I just got out I know wat its like n da pen.just keep praying bra in keep faith in god. Real Niggas do real shit.we miss u out here bra.1life1love..free boosie bad azz bohoncho da realest nigga alive…

  3. freeee boosie i dont thank i can say that enough yall let him go this man aint do nuthin but made bread come on ni he aint hurt nobody thank about this GOD SEES ALL AND HE KNOWS ALL JUDGE HIM UNFAIR IN THE END GOD GONE PUNISH YA dnt let the devil fool ya do the right thing judge him fairly or else no matter were you go in life some body gone do you the same way and thats bible honey and the bibile aint neva lied so the ball is in ur court make the right move

  4. Wat It Dew Boosie Shid Niger Yu My Role Model Believe dat.I Remeber wen yu 1st came out wit dat Pussy Niger Man i been stuck on yu ever since but i listen to yo music because yu speak da Truth n i could relate to almost everything yu say.Boosie Badazz yu r a Legend n my eyes n uma always holla Free Boosie everywere i go n i Even Went Got A Free Boosie Hoodie Made.I Pray Almost Everyday for yu pimp i kno yu gne hold it down No Matter Wat stay 100 Boosie n tell da Judge He Kills Deals But It’s Real!!!!!!!!!

  5. What up lil boosie this lil james aka guru iam gone keep it real wit my dog I being following you an your music since u was in camp life a lot of muthafucka cant say that but I. Pray for all tha time even when iam bout to eat my food big dog I hate that them bitch ass muthafucka got u in there I know u got a lot. Going throw a lot so iam not gone say keep yo head up cause I feel yo pain an know how u feel but its a world wide struggle boosie I I talk to god an u cuming home so do what u got to do an cum home man I can’t keep listen to these bullshit ass rapper that ain’t keeping it real yo music keep me going an I. Listen to that for my thug every morning when I wake an I go to sleep my heart goes out to u an your love one boosie I got shot four years ago an u said if u peralizes don’t feel played do it big like no legs an drive a escalade an I am peralizes an that couple of bars chang my life an I won’t u to know that an free my nigga badazz aka lil boosie

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