WBRZ Baton Rouge totally innaccurate about Lil Boosie

The news organizations in Baton Rouge continue to paint Lil Boosie in the worst way possible.

WBRZ ABC News in Baton Rouge, reported by Stephanie Ryan, says an 8th grade juvenile that got caught with a handgun is Lil Boosie’s cousin.

Connie Hatch, Lil Boosie’s mom, says “We don’t have a family member that goes to Westdale Middle School”.

WBRZ’s Sylvia Weatherspoon follows with “…Lil Boosie is serving time for murder and drugs.”


Reporting of Lil Boosie in Baton Rouge is absolutely disgusting! What happened to innocent until proven guilty Ms Weatherspoon? What family member confirmed that this juvenile was Lil Boosie’s cousin Ms Ryan?

Boosie hasn’t had his day in court for a murder charge that has no evidence. The juvenile that carried a gun into Westdale is not related to Lil Boosie. This case just shouldn’t be heard in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Boosiejustice respectfully asks that this careless reporting stop.  WBRZ should remove this story and apologize for the inaccuracies.

The full inaccurate story can be viewed here  http://www.wbrz.com/news/lil-boosie-s-cousin-arrested-for-gun-at-school/

PLEASE write or email them and ask them to remove this story and apologize to Lil Boosie and his family.

News Desk 225.336.2344 email them at news@wbrz.com


44 thoughts on “WBRZ Baton Rouge totally innaccurate about Lil Boosie

  1. Free Boosie man I been listening to just your songs lately, all my tweets have #FreeBoosie on it…Ready for you to bring the rap game back… @IamShawntez check me out I rep you hard

  2. All I can say is Boosie keep your head up and continue to pray to God. God does everything for a reason just be strong. I don’t care what Boone says racism still lives and its sad that you all want to give boosie life and have no evidence of a crime just his lyrics and word of mouth. When they have white ppl out her killing and you all have evidence and they walk free or get a bond. Just know the good lord above is not sleep! Boosie keep your head up God has his people.

  3. man ain’t to many real ppl left they need to FREE BOSSIE the legal system just dnt wanna see a brother come up.. Keep your head up remember real niggas do real things fake niggas do wht there told to do..FREE BADD AZZ

  4. Free Boosie..dey kant keep u 4eva..but boosie tells life stories an sum of the things i kan relate to an i do everyday..all u see is da Violence yeen peepin his Knowledge..Slow ya roll lil nigga..

  5. Real tawk Obama should’a been lunched another civil war against the corrupt confederate state of Louisiana. A nygga an’t eating right out here unless they except the bisexual confederate symbol of the wicked Confederate State Government. It’s a trap!! Don’t forget that it’s wicked…

  6. Its all good boo god put you in this position for a reason only the strong survive, so with that been said we all know you gon ova come this and once again hold it down for br and ya fam…. Minor Set Back For A Major Comeback!!! Free Boosie Boo!!!!

  7. Man It’s a Shame How The Devils Really Trying To Bring Yu Down But Yet Yu Contiue To Still Stand Strong No Matter Wat.Lil Boosie Yu My Favorite Rapper & i Got Mad Love For Yah All Yur Songs i Listen To Them Almost Every Single Day Cause i Miss/Love Yah.Contiue To Stay Strong & Keep Yur Head Up Cause Wat Don’t Kill Yu Can Only Make Yu Stronger My Mom Always Told Me That.& No Matter Wat People Say About Yu iKnoe It’s Not True Cause Only God Can Judge Us & Our Mistakes Dat We Made. Not Dem Haters/Fame Can Judge Us.i Will Always Love/Miss Yah Boosie Boo(-:

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