46 thoughts on “B01 BLACK HA

  1. dear lil boosie i am da wheelchairprophet please check out my u tube broadcast . the wheelchairprophet ;GOD GOT YOU lil BOOSIE

  2. i jus wanna say free boosie. i feel like me an his the same person an itz lik every thing that he rap about dne happn 2me or it is happin…..an i stopd playin most of all them other rapperz cause day dnt keep it real lik boosie boo…so in till u come home ima jus b bumpin all da old boosie…..B.O.O.S.I.E.B.A.D.A.Z.Z cumin home plz belev

  3. Free Boosie I pray he get out. His music touche’s me . Yea in knw how it feel to be done so wrong to feel like yu lost & at the same time watch mama struggle to put bead in Ma’mouth but is good god got us even though it’s hard doing the right thing Free Boosie . & to his family stay strong & Ooh yea pray fa my big bro he facing charges . Wish both y’all Home

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