Lil Boosie mans up to drug charges – seeks rehab

Lil Boosie plead guilty to the drug charges today.  Judge Mike Irwin sentenced him to 8 years with time served.   Boosie respects the courts decision and hopes to significantly reduce that time with good behavior and drug rehabilitation.  He is happy to have the charges he was guilty of resolved.  Lil Boosie is very grateful to his family, friends, fans and supporters.

A statement from the family will come later on

Torence Hatch still faces a murder for hire charge with the trial date set for April 30, 2012.  Torence is not guilty of this charge.


Below are links to local Baton Rouge press:

WAFB coverage:

Lil Boosie pleads guilty to drug charges, sentenced to 8 yrs – WAFB Channel 9, Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather.

WBRZ coverage:


210 thoughts on “Lil Boosie mans up to drug charges – seeks rehab

  1. man come on boosie you can do beta den dis you smart jus ask god to send you a angel if you need ssome im 10 i might be a gospel rapper but im still one of your biggest fan they say that you goin to deth roy who believe and only 1 man now if you goin or not and that god jus do good jus listen to me and your fam and your family you need to pray every night and if the polic say some tell them you tryin to give god your heart love you man

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