Lil Boosie – Letter to Fans

Boosie is on the mend and appreciates everybody who believes in him!  He faces the trial of his life in April.  He has his innocence, family and fans behind him.


A letter to all my fans,


First, I want to thank you, all of you for supporting me through these hard times. Last month I was sentence to 8 years with credit for time served so i will have to do 19 months on that sentence. I go to trial for this murder charge in April so please keep me in your prayers.


To all my fans who write me through J-Pay make sure you put your address so I can respond. Its hard to write every body back but I will try my best to do so. I would also like  all my fans to support Young Jeezy new album TM 103 he’s a real nigga with a big heart. I want to thank Plies, Yo Gotti, Marcus Spears, Jout Dallas, Earl Wayne and Jamarcus Russell for keeping it real with me and Pacman also. My daughter Iviona album will be coming soon so be on the lookout for it. Its HOTT!!!


I really appreciate everybody who’s supporting and everyone who has sign the petition and bought Boosie Gear. I want all my fans to know that y’all are so special to me because without you there would be no me. Congrats to Webbie on his new album Savage Life 3.  New Boosie DVD “The Come Up” will be in stores soon.  Life Story Book “The Truth” in stores end of 2012. My label, Bad Azz Ent, will be dropping a compilation this year and you already know how we do it. I want to thank GOD for everything and now I know the real from the fake and I can say that not too many are not real.

I also want to send love to the realest woman in the world my MAMA Mrs. Connie who’s my best friend, mama, spiritual adviser and #1 Fan.


Boosie Boo


This letter was picked up by MTV RapFix



Also, watch for Quante’ Mr R&B’s “Pour it Up” music video  release next week.  Lil Boosie DIALS IN  and shouts out to Quante wishing him BIG TIME success.  Quante is a feature on one of Iviona Hatch’s new tracks being released SOON!




193 thoughts on “Lil Boosie – Letter to Fans

  1. damn man big fan of boosie boo damn let a real nigga go boo i no u didnt do shit but like u say its a minor set bacc 4 a major cum bacc free boosie boo lil b da prince

  2. first i like to say free boosie he inspired me since i was a lil boy not in a bad way but in a good one his music is not a message for people to do wrong its about even if u at your lowest time in life dont give up because theres always a way u can come up my thing is theres alot people out here that really care about this man n its just not rite to keep him away so saying that i know yall gone make the rite deicson not because everybody want him home its because yall know its the rite thing to do in yall heart so thats it n free boosie yo fan monie from milwaukee

  3. Free Boosie BAD AZZ I’m letin u know that I’m prayin fa u and ur family Boosie he is a good person he always showed love 2 ppl and they kids…..its fuck up knowin that y’all holdin him from his family and his fan I’m I truely a true fan of boosie……boosie keep ur head up I’m out here hollar out free boosie

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  5. Hey boosie just letting you know you in my prayers daily we all go through things this mite be test from god so just keep ya head up and this letting you know the real from the fake S/O to you this yo month Little Rock behind you 100%

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