Official Statement of Boosie’s Health

Lil Boosie is alive and well and did not get stabbed or killed as rumors have suggested. He is perfectly healthy and is awaiting his upcoming trial. He appreciates all of the the love that his fans have been showing him. He is deep into prayer right now and wishes that everyone pray and show positive support to his situation. He also encourages all of the people that support him and attend his trial be dressed in a manor respectable to the court. His mentor and #1 advisor Mrs Connie will be issuing a statement soon with how they wish people dress. Please keep holding onto psalms 35 and following him @lilboosie_ and @boosiejustice.

252 thoughts on “Official Statement of Boosie’s Health

  1. - iCant believe they doin’ this to yu nd yo fam boo. ive been by yo side since day one, nd imma continue holdin’ it down for yu.! #teamBADAZZ #freeTORENCE <3

  2. I have been following Torrence’s legal battle for the entire duration. He has been in my prayers and it is my hope today that the United States Justice System will work as it is intended and the 12 jurors will weigh the preponderance of evidence or in this case, lack thereof, and find Torrence NOT GUILTY. He was denied due process by the mere fact that the trial was not held in a different judicial district. His rights to an unbiased Grand Jury were violated by the enormous press/ comments made by the D.A.’s office. The indictment should have been quashed. There are no provable co-conspirators, intent, or willful action that has been proven by the State of Louisiana. This alone is grounds for any judgement to be vacated that is negative. Without the presence of these “elements of fact” a trial should not have even occurred. The State of Louisiana requires these elements to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. For any felony charge to be tried that includes the death sentence as a possible punishment, the State of Louisiana must demonstrate two “witnesses” that can prove the elements of fact for a murder for hire case to be tried. I stand in faith for Torrence that his peers will find him not guilty. I am surprised that the American Civil Liberties Union are not more involved. His civil rights have definitely been violated. The great tragedy is that the city of Baton Rouge does not realize is that Torrence’s music is actually a reflection of the many social/ economic/ underlying racial tensions that are present in their city. Other rap groups such as N.W.A. were also historians of what was occurring in their city that the mass population of the United States wasn’t even aware of in South Central Los Angeles. Torrence was the voice of an unheard population in Baton Rouge. Were the lyrics violent, of course they were if he was to keep his stories real to life. Real to life and real life are two different dimensions not to be confused. Many famous authors have written fictional books that are real to life to tell of a very real struggle experienced by a group of people. Dr. Martin Luther King stated himself, ” Violence is the language of the unheard”. It is with faith that I believe that the jurors in the State of Louisiana will return a verdict that demonstrates a progressive/ intelligent mind set based on the evidence given that can only be “NOT GUILTY”. May No Weapon Formed Against Torrence Prosper and the Word of God Not Return Unto Him Void Without Accomplishing The Purpose For Which It Was Sent.

  3. damn boosie i cant belive thay doing this to you because i now that you dont now me at all but i look up to you like my dad and every song you wrote tells my story and thats my word you fell me but keep yea head up mane and yoll be home soon…………………………………………………………………

  4. free boosie,when you come back home your music will be better than before, i dont know you personally but keep your head up you are my favorite rapper im 14 n i look up o you man, you and your family are in my prayers
    #FREE_BOOSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What up Boosie, we be in da Spencerport blastin yo music wit papi all day every day! Much love and God bless Boosie, you be a dad to is us


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