74 thoughts on “Recent Photo from Angola

  1. Let me ease ya mind …bring yu in my world cuz u dun caught my eye an I want lil boosie in my world… Ayye boosie I love u baby keep ya head up huh. Da streets gon bump yo shit an u gon fa eva be boosie boo!ยก

  2. Boosie we got nuthin but luv 4ya coming out da 318 area, keep ya head up, and believe God for victory!

  3. free boosie…..1 of da real ones!man nggas rapp bout all type of stuff an aint neva did it…nggas rap bout sht wats goin on n da hood dat dnt mean dey did it!!!!!dis man do shows take care of his family n fren n da hood……who gt time 2 kill sum1!!!!dats sht for broke mf wit nun 2 do….dis man bout a dollar!!!!dey tke da gud ones bt dey shud tke da fake instead……free boosie!!!!!man yu gt so much luv dwn here n greenwood mississippi

  4. He should win his case n be home with his fam….were he would stay positive and motivated to keep his job as a rap artist moving….hes innocent the states out to get him because of his lyrics ….freeboosie

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