The hearing was held today.  The judge is going to allow rap lyrics as evidence.  Eric Clapton, Bob Marley and every other artist whose lyrics  contain something about murder better watch their back.   Spin the record backwards.


Here are the links to local Baton Rouge News.

WBRZ channel 2

NBC 33 News

According to the article the defense is going to have to bring in a Rap industry expert.

198 thoughts on “TRIAL STARTS MONDAY

  1. Jackson, Ms waiting on arrival !!!!! So you just pray about and be about it…. The time is near when you able to be free so I know it’s gonna be better than before!!!! LOVE YOU BOOSIE !!!!! Stand strong GOD want lead you wrong….

  2. Free Boosie!!!! He is innocent. I just know it. He have 8 beautiful kids. That is not enough evidence. It is not going to hold up. I love him SOOOOO much. I hate he got mix in this BS.

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