40 thoughts on “boosie

  1. Dear, Lil Boosie I love you from the bottom of my heart. Really out here praying for you Ever night brother but I don’t understand this shit 2 hold you that damn long but I know our GOD is good and he will shine Bright on you big brother you mission is not complete…they have 2 let you Go….I know & God know you never did it so jus keep a 100% Faith Boosie Bro jus know The Has Not Forgot About You…I and we still got your name alive intell they FREE you brother, I alway wanted to meet you that was my dream to chill with you for a day because I Look up 2 you in so many ways but God knows that your Good out ways the bad and I know in my heart God is protecting you…and much love 2 the hole Family I’m hurting jus like yall and I Ms.Connie would take the time out 2 read this letter I’m writing because it really would be a blessing 2 me I’m a Tru fans of Lil Boosie & the Trill family so if y’all do happen to read my letter it’s will truly special to me that I talk to one of the family members my number 337-380-2315. I will be grateful for that…y’all a very strong family & God will shine bright on Boosie. This I know. FREE Boosie holling that to the death of me. One Big Movemint! Love you Boosie Brother I will never stop prayin for you.

  2. Its apart of life…life can put you through a whole lot.they say you got to go through hell to get to hevan..shit keep ya head above water dnt drown hommie..we all goin through just live in da LORD

  3. Free boosie all said from the nigga wit tha cleanest 2010 Altima in Alabama 22 years old I worked for but I like my boys music

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