3 thoughts on “lil boosie only human

  1. First off it WEBBIEnot WEEBIE. secondly I don’t blame him, he a pcrduot of his enviroent. If u know anything bout BATON ROUGE, la. You will know, these kids these days n way before grow up hearing men disrespecting females all the time. Not saying WEBBIE not was right just saying, don’t call him lame n talk shit cuz just like y’all say don’t talk about rocsi cuz they don’t know her, they don’t know WEBBIE not either. and if he such trash stop listening to his music n move on with ya damn lives. Nobody making or paying u to buy or listen to his music. Personally I feel that rocsi should have been upset n addressed it between the two of them. Let him know u don’t get down like that n move on. But she handled it like she felt was right, I guess. As far as his music will never get out like it was, BULL FROG. it’ll get out trust me. but as far as him n the Hoosier situation, dig a lil deeper, don’t just stop at what u hear or see. but much respect to rocsi I feel she is being classy about it n admits she will still b a fan. Half of y’all bashing him on here probably listening to savage life 3 riiiiiight now!!!

  2. They always say God has the last say so… Well if thats the case i hope he will make the judge see your innocence. Ily Boosie, my prayers are with u and your fam!

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