Truth is Being Told; The True Facts are Coming out in Boosie Case on World Star Hip- today’s source for accurate information. I love how these guys put up the real facts before main stream media knows what happened. The United States is the best country in the world and as we know Torence Hatch is a young man progressing. His future has many great things in store. Please show respect for the court and dress in church attire. God Bless the entire Hatch Family.

214 thoughts on “Truth is Being Told; The True Facts are Coming out in Boosie Case

  1. Lil Boosie u got fans family n friends all over the U.S. thts following your whole case bruh, we miss u out chea in these streets ESPECIALLY THE SOUTH. I cant wait til u come hme cause everybody knw u bouta shut it dwn. Stay prayed up we all praying for u. ARKANSAS LOVE YA BRUH. TAKE CARE

  2. I soooo glad this shit almosj ova wit.. I cant wait til u come home i already got my shirt made….me..i have been so hurt like i know u its funny because in a sense i do through your music i can relate cause the shits thats out now man!!(I Miss Boosie) is all i could say im throwin a bar b que when u get out in my hometown of birmingham alabama(Cause everytime u come u show us love) miss u love the family n i pray EVERYDAY for EVERYBODY invovled always remember its not the regrets its the mistakes and we only human we was born to make those charge dat shit to the game n come home!

  3. Thank God the truth is out boosie is innocent now its tyme to move on to bigger better things.keeping you in my prayers u in your family

  4. Free Boosie they mad because he is keeping it real about real life shyt all the time, #toomuchtohandle# he got too much money to pay someone $2,800 to somebody. Who would pay that little for someone to be “eliminate” (how they are trying to make it seem) that odd number, never heard it before!! Too much money for that petty situation. He needs to come home to his family, friends, and fans that are waiting because we know he is gong to come even harder and that’s what we LOVE.

  5. They trying to keep a blk young man down but it is a he say she say thing if they pick him up on another charge where does the murder case cum in at keep yo head up boosie prayers out to the hatch family Mississippi shout out

  6. Im praying for u Hatch i knw the system want let u breath cause u dnt want to get dwn wit them just keep ur Kingdom eye on God cause ur coming hme soon so this go be ur testimony.Stay prayed up im outche in Charlotte i send my blessings to u and u family and kidz shout out to Ivey keep supporting ur father!!

  7. keep yo head up bro niggas keeping wish they was there holding u down bro keep faith… coming from detroit

  8. say boosie u stayn n my thoughtz n prayerz as if we grew up 2getha I jus wanta let u knw Pine Bluff holdn ya dwn fasho n cnt wait til u gt home we love ya…54/46

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