Truth is Being Told; The True Facts are Coming out in Boosie Case on World Star Hip- today’s source for accurate information. I love how these guys put up the real facts before main stream media knows what happened. The United States is the best country in the world and as we know Torence Hatch is a young man progressing. His future has many great things in store. Please show respect for the court and dress in church attire. God Bless the entire Hatch Family.

214 thoughts on “Truth is Being Told; The True Facts are Coming out in Boosie Case

    • , hey im a huge fans of boosie . and it would really help you out if i can get a address to write and see what he doing because on want to be , like this anymore i been threw struggle when still is all i want is a respomse bout and show my respect .

  1. Free Boosie!!!!!!!!! Damn we miss yu dog!!! Every boosie C.D in my car guess yu MY NIGGA THEN if yu a real boosie fan yu “yu kno dat NIGGA Then”!!!!

  2. Wazzam Boosie yea that’s some fucked up shit but your family and fans support all dha way 100 Free my nigga Boosie { Ruston Bound }

  3. Man da trial is bs let my nigga go he innoncent this trial brings tears to my eyes i have fam in the rap business n if we all stick together boosie bad azz will come home free my nigga #frm 800Block Southside all day

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