535 thoughts on “NOT GUILTY!

  1. Free my boosie cant wait til he get out i can only imagine what he will do when he get out man dat boosie bad azz well i say im showing my love 2 him n his family FREE BOSSIE BADD AZZ

  2. Free my LIL Boosie best dad n man cant wait til he get out wondering whats his moves gone be like i can only imagine wut he will do FREE BOOOSIE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Im glad u were found not guilty u are truely blessed not alot of niggas cant beat that charge u made history now u can get back to thr fans but most importantly.ur children god is good all the time… Stay blessed boosie boo love all the way from tampa bay u are our motivation ur music got the 813 all the way live!!!! Xoxo

  4. ladies, ladies… please realx! this is MY guy, he said it in his song. GET REAL REAL GIRLIES HE DOES NOT WANT YALL! #FreeBaeBTW <333333 :)

  5. boosie if u can read dis i hope u do ur my role model ur the best rapper alive on my phone its nun but ur musik bruh i got mad love for u im 13 and i rap nd rap everyday hopping dat i can be almost as good as u swagger321able but i love u bra 4 real no homo jville fl. we did miss u shit i still do bruh holla at me bra i hope one day i meet u or just a phone call……. FREEE BOOOSIIEEEEEEEEE

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