Boosie supports war hero

Torence Hatch loves our military.

Back in November, on Torence Hatch’s birthday, Quante Eggleston gets a call from Boosie to wish him the best on his premier video “Pour it Up”

Lil Boosie has received an overwhelming amount of support from our hero’s in the armed forces.  The comments from the soldiers have inspired Boosie to push harder even when others are trying to bring him down.  He thanks these fans greatly for understanding the meaning of his music and for fighting for this country and keeping it strong.  In this video


you will see very exclusive footage of Lil Boosie calling into Savannah, GA on his Birthday from the Angola prison to wish Quante “Mr R and B” good luck on his video shoot and the girls from Bikini Nation and Quante all wish Boosie a happy Birthday while on speaker phone and Boosie sounds really happy which he deserves :-)  Quante has on his Marine dress blues.  People close to Quante know that he his unit were blown, from the inside, out of their infantry tank by an I.E.D they recovered from an enemy post while serving in Iraq.  Boosie gained strength by helping Quante face obstacles he has already faced on the music front while Quante continues to build his physical strength and has made an enormous recovery.  Lifting people up is the secret to success for everyone.

Quante has worked with Lil Boosie’s daughter Iviona on several songs on her first album. Much love from Lil Boosie, Mrs Connie Hatch and the entire Hatch family


22 thoughts on “Boosie supports war hero

  1. First I want to say happy mothers day in love u in the im glad they finally got justice im from okc up let boosie myra brooks said him in I love him keep his head up stay strong in hes will be home in no time in hes is still missed love u your a great person, friends, dad, son, grandson, bestfriend, in more in prayin that everything it goin right with your health stayin prayed up for u me in the hatch family.

  2. Free Boosie… Prayer changes things & I jus as many other fans were praying 4 ya. They can say wat dey wanna bt u can’t FUK wit a child of god.. When u coming hme PALM BEACH COUNTY FLORIDA MISSES YOU BOOSIE!! Touch dwn & cause hell niqqa

  3. To Lil Boosie and behalf of the Hatch family i just want to say thank God for a blessing u could haven’t did it without him God has look over the situation a guided u threw success me as yo fan kept praying for u Im glad to see u made it threw…to anyone in the family or Mr.Hatch himself if u could get in co tact with me i want to see can u perhaps perform at my club…it would be nice if u could my email is thank you god bless

  4. I’ve listened to Boosie since I was like 10 hahha never gets old his music helped me through jail and losing my great grandma love u bruh no homo haha stay strong

  5. who ever lookin at this lil boosie relatives specially webbie…..i just want to say everybody than been to tha plush in tupelo i want you to make sure my daddy boosie boo niggah…….come to tha plush this summer tupelo ms,…….boosie were you at welcome home

  6. Aye Though , i just wanna say ima big ass fan of boosie , i study everything about him , And I Support Him in Everything and i love the fact he fucks with SAVANNAH GEORGIA ! lol But i stay tuned on everything yall post on here , and tell Boosie i Said Wassup (:

  7. Boosie on his home bout to pop this bottle to that and hope in this new charger with the hemi free boosie chuck from Detroit mi

  8. I’m happy boosie comin home … Hope he come do
    A show & milwaukee cause that’s all I listin too is boosie … Nobs

  9. We bottle popping all over Mississippi tonight for Boosie Bad Ass. Not Guilty on they ass. Let’s party.

  10. Thank God boosie was found not guilty can’t wait till u come home cuz umma make sure I be at your first concert keep ya head up boosie u coming home love ur biggest fan Ashley l. And sojalia g.

  11. i from Ghana . i just luv boosie and his music .
    he is great nigger with swag, boosie for real

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