Real SPIN on Boosie’s prison release

Salute to and Jeff Weiss for doing real work.  Reality is that Boosie has been on lock down in Angola since he called Webbie back in October.



93 thoughts on “Real SPIN on Boosie’s prison release

  1. cant wait to see my nigga home….. cant wait to see my nigga home. IM PROLLY THE BIGGEST FAN U GOT OUT HERE MY NIGGA FUCK WIT ME.

  2. Free Boosie 1 of da realest niggaz alive. Yeah itz only a matter of time 4 he flood tha streetz wit dat Bottom Boy music again. BOTTOM!!!

  3. Boosie my favorite artist , I can relate to his music, he my cousin friend, treat him like he his brother , but me and my cousin ready to see Boosie home and out of a cell

  4. Mobile Alabama holding it down for Boosie my nigga showed us love since we was smaller out here him coming to the skating ring and rocking it and continued to after we got to fighting off in there and Mobile Alabama gone always have love for you my nigga #FREEBOOSIE B A D A Z Z

    • my nigga keep your head up we all miss you cuzz waitn on you to get out and take tha game back to real shitt what would we do with out boosie bad azz you tha nigga boosie ty for all that you do cant no hatin azz laws hold you down

  5. Free Boosie, what are they accomplishing by keeping this man in prison for so long,tell us something the fans want to know,man.we miss that man!

  6. free my negga boosie why are you holding him down in cell for dis long is it bcz is black……………they is none like boosie in the game ,

  7. Boosie is tha really since Pac.. shit i listen to his shit all daay ever’daay… no one is as real as Boosie in this game.

  8. screaming free boosie until i see boosie real bitch shit .. im ur fan i stay screaming free you cuz u a real *Street* nigga i also wrote u no reply but i know its real lol love kimmie pooh htown souhpark stand up <3

  9. We love u my nigga I can recall visiting my family bacc home and boosie badd azz playing every where we went me and my brodee. And Cuzin went to a club I think it was n down in baton rouge where they had the boxing match n the middle of the ring I had Neva seen nothing like that den they played set it off when a millon mutha fucas crowded round by boosey he say put ur hand on me u lil bitch u got something outside ain’t gonna miss u lil bitch u real reckanize real and u looking real 4 mill ya Free Boosie keep ur head up my nigga Abba Yah got u my nigga miss u much love

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