91 thoughts on “Boosie update may 2013

  1. keep ypur head up love the music i am a fan super bad azz keep your head up and when you get out i cant wait two hear your music.

  2. Ti needs to hand over that crown. boo the best, tupac wanted what boosie has,. the streets. Nobody better, not even pac. Boosie boo too real… Keep your head up big dawg, times like these your jams are all that keeps mine up..

  3. free boosie . when he comes back its gone be minor set back for a major comeback . all these new rappers might as well sit down somewhere because my nigga gone kill the game . 410 gangster

  4. man the police riden his shit but thatis what they do they need to let bossie out so the good muisc will be back

  5. its a worldwide struggle we do what we know hustle and stack dough and stick to the code play it how it go in every circumstance got a nigga like dam now that I got jammed ima be a better man and hit them streets with a plan..MINOR SET BACK FOR A MAJOR COMEBACK. THE RETURN………..

  6. the streets missin dat thug motivation, shit been crazy since you been gone. it aint the same. FREE MY NIGGA

  7. Man, keep strong and keep praying things will be better
    than before.. Things always happen for a reason! We Nov. 14

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