Boosie supports war hero

Torence Hatch loves our military.

Back in November, on Torence Hatch’s birthday, Quante Eggleston gets a call from Boosie to wish him the best on his premier video “Pour it Up”

Lil Boosie has received an overwhelming amount of support from our hero’s in the armed forces.  The comments from the soldiers have inspired Boosie to push harder even when others are trying to bring him down.  He thanks these fans greatly for understanding the meaning of his music and for fighting for this country and keeping it strong.  In this video


you will see very exclusive footage of Lil Boosie calling into Savannah, GA on his Birthday from the Angola prison to wish Quante “Mr R and B” good luck on his video shoot and the girls from Bikini Nation and Quante all wish Boosie a happy Birthday while on speaker phone and Boosie sounds really happy which he deserves :-)  Quante has on his Marine dress blues.  People close to Quante know that he his unit were blown, from the inside, out of their infantry tank by an I.E.D they recovered from an enemy post while serving in Iraq.  Boosie gained strength by helping Quante face obstacles he has already faced on the music front while Quante continues to build his physical strength and has made an enormous recovery.  Lifting people up is the secret to success for everyone.

Quante has worked with Lil Boosie’s daughter Iviona on several songs on her first album. Much love from Lil Boosie, Mrs Connie Hatch and the entire Hatch family


Pray 4 Boosie

Easter is a big day for the Hatch Family. It always has been. Torence’s giving to families in need on Easter has been legendary for a man that did not ask if he could afford it – he just did it!

We ask all of his fans to say special prayers for him this Easter. The Hatch Family would like you to pray for better futures for our children as well as a special prayer for Torence.

Make it a happy Easter.


Torence’s  trial is coming up on April, 30.  He had no motive to pay a man to kill another man. The trial will prove his innocence. The prosecutor has made this case personal based on direct insults in songs about him and those lyrics were twisted in meaning.  When he does come home he will go harder than ever for his fans.  This means staying out of trouble. Your prayers represent an essential part of Torence’s survival both today and in the future.

Miss Connie has requested Lil Boosie fans, DJ’s and promoters come together peacefully and hold candlelight prayer vigils throughout the world through the end of April and during his trial.  Which town will have the biggest and most peaceful prayer vigil?  Email pictures to and tag videos.   Lil Boosie’s oldest daughter, Iviona, has made a song for her father called This Can’t Be Happening ~ listen and pray together.

Here is a link to a courtroom announcement regarding prosecutors asking for and getting an anonymous jury. WAFB News Baton Rouge.

Official Boosie Announcements:

Boosie thanks everyone for all of the letters that have been coming in. He reads every single one of them. He can not write back right now or talk to anyone outside his family because of his up-coming trial. Because of this your letters even mean more because of the isolation.

“The Publicist for Lil Boosie, Bad Azz Entertainment and it’s affiliates is Chew Davis of Von Chew Media & Entertainment (@vonchewent). In an effort to subdue inaccurate facts and innuendos that may surface in the near future, and to protect the integrity of his label while addressing his fans, any official statements regarding Lil Boosie, his pending trial date and subsequent news will be issued solely by his PR. If you have any questions or requests for artists, staff or family interviews please contact Chew Davis at (678) 778-2664 /” – Lil Boosie, Bad Azz Entertainment and Management”


ATLANTA, GA (MMD Newswire) – - In a recent episode of A&E’s Beyond Scared straight a boy named Alex angered the people that were trying to motivate him when he made the comment that he wanted to turn out like his role model Lil Boosie. Boosie learned of this while in prison and decided to take action. In this video you will see Boosie’s first cousin and fellow performer Donkey read the letter that Boosie wrote to Alex and other fans that see him as a role model. Donkey then goes on to speak to Alex about his goals and his future:

This link takes you to the scanned original letter from Boosie:

Update: As of September 13, 2011- Alex’s mother said that since her son spoke to Donkey she has noticed positive changes in Alex. He is staying out of trouble, which had been a daily occurrence prior to the conversation. She also noted that his overall demeanor is more positive and goal oriented. This initiative and intervention is part of U Hatin? University’s Truth Campaign where rap artists explain the difference between the messages in their music and the messages that these recording artists give their own kids and other children. The Chairman of the Campaign Lance Silver explained, “When music is created it is designed to entertain and to sell and the artist themselves never really intend on people taking it (the lyrics or stories) literally. The U Hatin?® Campaign’s goal is for more role models like Boosie to take the time to personally reach out to kids who might emulate and admire these rappers and their lyrics and to use their influence to change their destiny for the better!”

The University plans to continue working with Alex on a daily/weekly basis as needed. Alex is expected to become a future leader in the organization and help other kids, like him self, develop a positive focus in life.

Boosie writes wayward fan from prison

Torence Hatch aka Lil Boosie responds to a fan being locked up. The video, shown on Worldstar Hip Hop.

Lil Boosie’s letter to “Alex” and others…

Boosie writes Alex and other misguided fans

" can be better than me!"

Torence Hatch is locked up in Angola Louisiana State Prison. He has served his two year sentence for a third offense marijuana possession charge and a felony possession of a firearm with marijuana for which he plead guilty. Lil Boosie is also indicted on a 1st degree murder charge. He is falsely accused, by the admitted killer and an angry Baton Rouge District Attorney, of paying somebody to pay somebody to pay the killer. is raising awareness to this injustice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Selling tee shirts, hoodies and music at in hopes to raise half of the estimated $250,000 attorney’s fees to defend Torence Hatch / Lil Boosie.

Lil Boosie’s daughter ~ Iviona is Rappin’ Now!

Iviona’s rappin now! At age 9, Lil Boosie’s oldest daughter Iviona Hatch is spittin verses, hooks and doing interviews with XXL and DJ Drama. This little hit maker said that she has only one motivation for launching her career: “Get my Daddy home!”

Da Princess’s debut record “Daughter of a King and Queen” has been produced to raise money for her fathers defense. In the song she talks about making good grades, having a high self esteem, minding her parents, and chasing her dreams… and of course not having time for boys! When asked why, she responds, “My daddy brought me up like that.”

You can show your support and PURCHASE THE RECORD for $2.00 (ALL of the proceeds go to Boosie’s defense fund. The record is also available on iTunes (A portion of the proceeds go to the fund: iTunes keeps $.40).

For those who want this record and are having financial challenges send an email with “RECORD PLEASE” in the subject line to:

Daughter of a King and Queen Preview

Chopper City’s BG, GA & Dre get a preview! Her freestyle version got over 280,000 views on WORLDSTARHIPHOP and over a million hits combined with other sites.

Lil Boosie ft. Lola Monroe – Green Light Special [Exclusive Music Video]

As many of you know Torence Hatch AKA Lil Boosie has been indicted on First Degree Murder charges in the state of Louisiana. This charge carries a maximum sentence of the death penalty, and the prosecutor has boasted of this as a death penalty case. Lil’ Boosie has made some disparaging remarks in some of his raps regarding the District Attorney and Police and they now have a vendetta against him. There is no hard evidence in this case so please help Lil Boosie get a fair trail. Visit to learn how you can help.​boosiejustice

Directed by Motion Family​motionfamily

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DJ Drama interviews Lil Boosie’s mother and oldest daughter Ivy on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9

DJ Drama interviews Lil Boosie’s mother and oldest daughter on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 in reference to Lil Boosie’s indictment for 1st degree murder. The District Attorney has mounted a personal vendetta on Lil Boosie. Using the media and the death penalty to sway public opinion and obtain a conservative jury in this case. Lil Boosie maintains his innocence