On behalf of Boosie and his family ~ THANK YOU for supporting them through that difficult time.



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  1. he was the best still is the best we all love him but all i got to say is WELCOME BACK BOOSIE he has been all over the radio when i heard on the radio in the morning the rapper lil boosie is out i screamed knowing its gone be hard for the other rappers bcuz he gone kill it on stages most money and everything but other wise im ready for the best of him to show so PRAISE THE LORD FOR EVERYTHING and this post coming from DETROIT michigan aka motorcity aka Dtown aka motown but love u boosie GOD LOVES U praise your life hope your family is doing well WE LOVE YOU LIL BOOSIE >3

  2. I am so glad that lil boosie is out. now we can hear some more music I should say real music boosie got me through a lot being a single parent of two plus trying to raise my brother….. I just want to say thank you and that im ready to hear the new stuff ……

  3. Hey its sherrise I just wanna say a few things to u I had u on my mind while u was locked down I know u had a lot of thinking to do in the devils house cause that’s just what it is I prayed for u while u where away from your love ones and especially the kids I hope your home for the good this time I want u pray more get the family dressed and fo to church ir will def make u feel better I love u and when I go to church ill always say a special prayer for u and the kids love u later

  4. Free My Nigga Boosie!!!!!!!!
    Glad His Out So He Can Be With His Family And Kids…..
    Hopefully Now We All Can Get Some Real Music Again!!!!!!!
    #Lil Boosie
    #Big Fan Of Boosie Bad Ass

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