Support Iviona

Iviona Hatch is Torence’s  first child. Iviona has been going hard for her Daddy through this whole situation.  She has completed her first album “Daddy’s Little Girl” which will be available soon.  Iviona is holding it down for her Daddy!

These are Iviona’s Official  Links.  Please show her some love!  (website coming soon)




Her music is available here!












26 thoughts on “Support Iviona

  1. I’m so ready for Boosie to come home I know he gone do his thing when he get out I been seeing lil donkey videos on YouTube so I know it’s real. I’m ready for shows and CDS and everything else.
    #Minor set back for a MAJOR come back

  2. Keep up the hard work Iviona i know your daddy proud of you aint got to long more before he touchdown just hold on 1 shout to Tootie and Mj..#FreeBoosie

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