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Iviona Hatch is Torence’s  first child. Iviona has been going hard for her Daddy through this whole situation.  She has completed her first album “Daddy’s Little Girl” which will be available soon.  Iviona is holding it down for her Daddy!

These are Iviona’s Official  Links.  Please show her some love!  (website coming soon)




Her music is available here!












26 thoughts on “Support Iviona

  1. keep yo head up nigga cus if u scared scared niggas get they head bust bossie its only a few left so i keep my boosie fade n i got badass on my back so free big brah r i will cum get em n i got savage on my stmac

  2. 843 822 8084 desmen is the name hmu real boosie badass fan jam him n the morning in wen I go to sleep in wen I brushing my teeth at the same dam time.. But love to support cha lil hatch bless your family and your daddy 1 love lol boosie free badass

  3. As a mother you seem to be a very intelligent young lady and God will continue to lead you in the right direction as well of looking over and protecting you and your family in this time and need I dont know you all personally but as a child of God ik the man above is gonna take the worries away. Take care and keep holding it down for your daddy

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