Real SPIN on Boosie’s prison release

Salute to and Jeff Weiss for doing real work.  Reality is that Boosie has been on lock down in Angola since he called Webbie back in October.



Boosie Locked Down

Boosie is currently on 23-hour lock down on Death Row and still in Angola. He is serving time for his drug problem that he manned up to.  He was found innocent of the he say / she say up murder for hire charge back in May, 2012.  Why is he still in Angola? Why is he locked down on Death Row? Is Torence still being beat down because of his lyrics again? is back to raise awareness and get to the bottom of what’s going down.  Torence wants to do the time for his drug problem, get rehab and get back home to his kids, family and fans.

He was in population and was completing classes for good time. The classes he was attending were for substance abuse & anger management. He only had 4 weeks left in those classes to receive about 4 to 5 months good time.  All of that has changed.

Please write Boosie and let him know you are praying for him. Some of us can only imagine the level of stress that he is going thru as well as his family. It is a very different world on the other side of those prison walls and your letters uplift his spirits more than you may even know . He could use fan support right now and your prayers and letters mean everything. Flood this dude with letters :-) Thank you and 1 love!!

Torence Hatch LSP#560699
Death Row Extented E
Angola LA 70712


Truth is Being Told; The True Facts are Coming out in Boosie Case on World Star Hip- today’s source for accurate information. I love how these guys put up the real facts before main stream media knows what happened. The United States is the best country in the world and as we know Torence Hatch is a young man progressing. His future has many great things in store. Please show respect for the court and dress in church attire. God Bless the entire Hatch Family.


The hearing was held today.  The judge is going to allow rap lyrics as evidence.  Eric Clapton, Bob Marley and every other artist whose lyrics  contain something about murder better watch their back.   Spin the record backwards.


Here are the links to local Baton Rouge News.

WBRZ channel 2

NBC 33 News

According to the article the defense is going to have to bring in a Rap industry expert.

“We Out Chea” praying

“We Out Chea” without guns, without violence praying for Torence Hatch.  The “Gangsta walkin’ Gangsta talkin’ all the time” entertainer Lil Boosie is in our prayers through his trial  scheduled for April 30, 2012.

FANS are coming together in peace to support Boosie and his family.   Candlelight vigils and moments of silence and prayer at Hip Hop events. If you are in Jacksonville next Thursday the 26th ~ please join us!

If you are putting together a peaceful vigil ~ email: and we will help spread the word.

Please get a BOOSIEJUSTICE shirt and pray we never have to do this again!

April 26th

Special thanks to Darrylynn for producing 65,000 of these posters, sending them all over the country and showing a LOT of love to the family through this difficult situation.


Official Statement of Boosie’s Health

Lil Boosie is alive and well and did not get stabbed or killed as rumors have suggested. He is perfectly healthy and is awaiting his upcoming trial. He appreciates all of the the love that his fans have been showing him. He is deep into prayer right now and wishes that everyone pray and show positive support to his situation. He also encourages all of the people that support him and attend his trial be dressed in a manor respectable to the court. His mentor and #1 advisor Mrs Connie will be issuing a statement soon with how they wish people dress. Please keep holding onto psalms 35 and following him @lilboosie_ and @boosiejustice.

Boosie’s family shares love. Christmas 2011

Lil Boosie’s kids and Momma Hatch visit a few Baton Rouge family’s at Christmas.  Iviona shares some of her new music and some Christmas songs.  UH University founders, Lance Silver and Dell Warren, are with the family’s to lift spirits up for the holiday’s.